Hi, my names Chris, founder of Project Man.

Below you’ll see a series of client stories and transformations from men all around the UK who were facing challenges, many weren’t happy with their weight though they lacked the time, energy and motivation to make lasting changes.

They’d tried gyms, personal trainers, apps and diet plans, but for one reason or another they just couldn’t stick to a plan or see results they wanted. We changed all this, by taking them through the project man program. Its designed for busy men in their 40’s who want to see life changing results, mentally and physically without sacrificing time at work or with family.

Gaz lost 46 lbs, and now at 49 years old he is fitter and stronger than at any point in his life

Steve lost 52 lbs in 7 months, and is now the fittest he has ever been in his 50s

Daz lost 28lbs in 3 months

Andy lost 95lbs in 6 months

Paul lost 42 lbs in 5 months

Jamie lost 44lbs and now loves exercise and eating the right way

Chris managed to get in the best shape of his life before turning 40

Damon lost 33 lbs and felt in great condition for his holiday

Sam is now living a healthier and happier lifestyle at home and at work

Tom lost 33 lbs without stepping foot in a gym and used just a pair of rusty dumbells

James lost 53 lbs and now loves eating healthy and going to the gym

Mark is now equipped to get and sustain results for a lifetime after losing fat and gaining muscle

Byron works away doing 12-hour shifts for 8 weeks at a time. He achieved these results despite this

Sam is now living a healthier and happier lifestyle at home and at work

Paul was worried about his health heading into his 50s, he's now lost 18lbs and loves exercise

Shane lost 42lbs in 12 weeks

Jay lost 16lbs in 12 weeks

Ready to find out if this could work for you?

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